The NEX Warrior preICO is live!

Project essentials

  • Modular open-architecture gaming platform for VR-gaming equipped with BCI, different interchangeable controls and upgradable DOF modules for any type of battle machine games;
  • Variety of modules starting with simple armchair with built-in VR system up to 6DOF 360° revolving platform with vibration feedback;
  • Our own VR-MMO NEX Warrior (Neural EXo-skeleton Warrior);
  • Set of SDKs & drivers for game developers;
  • Marketplace for hardware & software
    We are developing:

    • Platform control SDK;
    • BCI to VR control SDK;
    • Marketplace integration SDK;
    • Marketplace software and APIs
    NEX project started at 2016. Since that we performed multiple researches and tests, developed software for VR environment control with brain-computer interface, methods of delivering realistic immersive experience in simulated environment using physical feedback with dynamic platforms of different kind.

    What is done by now:

    • Alpha-version of VR-multiplayer BCI-controlled game;
    • User-controlled and NPC robots and tanks modelled and tested in VR-multiplayer;
    • Game was tested on third-party 2DOF platforms for research purposes of all the needed options;
    • Full construction project of the 6DOF/360 dynamic platform is finished;
    • "In-club" MMO server alpha-version released;
    • Prototype of the platform is set for production;
    Virtual test of the platform
    Check our preICO page for detailed roadmap and WhitePaper
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